Our fleet management specialists address several levels in order to optimise your vehicle fleet costs.

Because vehicle fleets and, more broadly, mobility represent the second-highest expense after payroll, Smartfleet 360 offers you its expertise in fleet management.

Starting with an exhaustive analysis of the current situation, our fleet management specialists will determine the areas for optimisation in order to implement a sustainable cost-cutting plan.


Because every case is specific, our teams collect, compile, and analyse the different cost items in your vehicle fleet in order to determine the current cost.

We carry out an exhaustive audit taking into consideration all of the parameters specific to your company:

  • Types of vehicles: Personal / utility / lightweight vehicles, motorcycles, machinery, etc.
  • Method of acquisition: purchase, long-term lease, etc.
  • Types of drivers: deliverers, technicians, sales representatives, etc.
  • Company’s line of business: express delivery, industry, servicing

This audit not only provides a snapshot of your current TCO*, but also identifies levers for cutting costs


To ensure optimal effectiveness, our action plans are generally based on a wide range of parameters covering the entire vehicle life cycle, from definition o the Car Policy to managing vehicle renewal.

  • Optimising the Car Policy:
    The choice of vehicle is the first key component of fleet management. Two seemingly similar vehicles from the same category may not cost the same in the day-to-day. In order to make the right decisions, a number of criteria need to be taken into consideration (purchase price, fuel consumption, estimated depreciation, etc.). For this purpose, our teams of fleet management specialists use an exclusive computer system connected to the JATO database, containing an exhaustive list every auto manufacturer’s vehicles, finishes, options, and motorisations.

Using multiple selection criteria defined with you, our teams create a list of vehicles that fit your expectations and requirements.

Once the selection has been made, our tool can also be used to issue electronic quote requests, to optimise competition between players in the automotive sector (dealers, agents, leasing companies, etc.).

Thanks to our teams, you are sure of making the best choice at the best price!

  • Optimising method of acquisition:
    Should one buy vehicles or lease them? Buy them on credit or in cash, etc.? Lease them with long-term leasing*, short-term leasing*, a purchase option*, etc.? Because the answer is not universal, and today there are multiple methods of acquisition, our fleet management team analyses your needs and resources in order to provide you with impartial advice and guidance in choosing the best possible solution for your company.

* Long-term leasing: (LLD) / Short-term leasing: (LCD) / Leasing with purchase option: (LOA)

  • Contract optimisation:
    Our teams carefully examine your company’s current contracts: with insurance providers, maintenance agents, tire manufacturers, etc. For each contract, they determine whether the terms should be renegotiated or it would be advantageous to change service providers, in order to ensure you the best quality/price ratio.

Thanks to our purchasing power (by pooling contracts), we are able to obtain preferential terms for you that you would not have been able to procure on your own.

  • Optimisation and management of technical, administrative and financial aspects:
    Managing a vehicle fleet requires work by human resources and, as the saying goes, “time is money”. The time spent on management often represents 5% of the total cost of a vehicle fleet.

To allow your staff to concentrate on their primary activity, our teams handle the operational management of your vehicle fleet.

Technical management:
  • Managing maintenance
  • Managing regulatory checks
  • Managing and keeping records of repairs / work, etc.
Administrative management:
  • Managing accidents
  • Managing fines (connexion to ANTAI allowing automatic transfer of the at-fault driver’s identity to the authorities)
  • Calculating company car tax (TVS) and posting on CERFA
  • Managing in-kind taxes (AEN) and non-deductible amortizations
Financial management:
  • Cost tracking and analysis (TCO*, RCM*)
  • Managing mileage limits (duration, mileage)
  • Tracking of contracts

* TCO : Total Cost of Ownership - RCM: Running Cost per Mile

  • Renewal optimisation:
    You receive an alert when a vehicle needs is due for restitution according to its effective mileage and/or the mileage limits in force. We assist you throughout the process of restitution, renewal, and operation of new vehicles in accordance with the previously defined rules.


We are committed to providing you with regular, detailed reports: each quarter, you will received an exhaustive report of our actions and concrete results in terms of savings. This gives you a means of tangibly evaluating the benefits of our strategic and operational management of your vehicle fleet.

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